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Professional and independent

Swiss Financial Studies is a for profit institution based in Switzerland attending your needs for education, advisory and research with flexible, client oriented solutions.

We enhance your understanding of finance and close the gap between the existing educational offering and traditional financial services.

Experienced and accessible

In the field of corporate finance, we are addressing the needs of entrepreneurs in the start-up and SME segment with our cost efficient services.

Our investment management know-how is of particular interest to private investors and family foundations looking for the most competent experts.

Business and impact driven

At the Swiss Financial Studies we understand that your investment does not only yield a financial return but also contributes to economic growth.

We have specialized in the field of impact investing and contribute with our innovative approaches to a more sustainable financial industry.

If you would like to know how our experienced team offers its knowledge of tailor made services, please do not hesitate to contact us. Always putting the interest of our clients first, we are also more than happy to share our resources with you and introduce you to our network of partner institutions.